First Grade Halal Frozen Chicken


First Grade Halal Frozen Chicken


JNS- Import & Export has a big line of exporting First Grade Halal Frozen Chicken to the Gulf and Middle East countries. Below are the specifications we abide by:




  1. It is result of a live Slim- broiler type chicken of the initial class of both sexes ranging age from 6:10 weeks.
  2. The weight in a range between 900: 1400 grams.
  3. The frozen chickens slaughtered as the Islamic roles, without the fluff feathers, full bloodying, completely filtered y from the water, rapid -40 ° -12
  4. The degree of conservation wards temperature inside refrigerators during the trip is not less than (-18 ° C) and Joe moisture ventilation of not less than 90%.
  5. Frozen chicken have normal color and smell with good appearance and full of meat and held natural characteristics and free from defects in Allotted (freezer burns). It is free of any sign of damage or corruption or stink or strange odors and unacceptable marks. The skin should be smooth sound devoid of any bruises or exfoliation and viscous materials and shoots fungal and bacterial.
  6. Processing is free of all internal organs such as the liver and gizzard and heart and head and neck and vesicle and intestines. Separatist ratio is 5% or less after bleed (solvent ) Chicken must be without harmful microbes , food poisoning as the health authorities terms and condition with a veterinary authorities certification appear the origin, the date of slaughter and freedom off the human and animals infectious diseases
  7. Chickens are non coefficient hormone or preservatives or any antibiotics.
  8. All harmful Nitrogen is less than 20mgm/100grames
  9. Bacteria is not accounted more than 10 cells / gm from the skins of frozen units.  The ratio of residues of pesticides in frozen units in the range of the limits of the permissible internationally.
  10. The remnants of the radiation ratio are internationally allowed limits.
  11. The ratio of pollutants and heavy metals in the range of permitted internationally.
  12. The remains of veterinary drugs and hormones in the permitted internationally border.
  13. Â The frozen chicken is packed inside polyethylene sacks without color not effect on the chicken’s flashy characteristics and not allow to germs with a perfect closing
  14. Chicken Origin: Spain, Brazil, , Poland, and Ukraine.
  15. The polyethylene sacks is labeled with the following specifications in English / Arabic:-


  • The Brand Name of chicken (Maggie)
  • The full weight
  • The date of slaughter
  • The date of packing
  • The length of validity
  • The name of company and the trade mark


We will make any changes in the above specification upon request.


Payment Methods:


TT (Telegraphic Transfer)   OR  

100% Revolving, Irrevocable, transferable, unconditional and bank confirmed LC at sight


Quantity: We can supply up to 20,000 Ton / Monthly.


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