About JNS Import & Export LLC

The right trade and supply chain provider is vital in a world where both speed and attention to detail are crucial. With a foundation built on international trade, you can benefit from JNS's thought, leadership and innovation to help you understand and manage your supply chain. Our best-in-class products and experienced trade professionals can help you mitigate international trade risks and streamline your trade flows, to keep your operations running like clockwork.

JNS Import & Export LLC was established in 1987 in New York City. Within the first 8 years, the company has, on the basis of its original business of exporting, made water filters, wood, furniture, and rock Phosphate.



In 1995, the company made great progress in all its concerns, contributing to a more sustainable energy supply, especially in self -handled export business with a record volume. The company moved to Charlotte, NC and opened new offices and branches in Frankfurt, Germany, London, UK, Sydney, Australia, Cairo & Sohag, Egypt and lately in Poland. Throughout a 30 year period, we added many more food items such as Grade A Halal Frozen Chicken, Halal Beef and Halal Lamb, sunflower oil, Baby Formula, and medical items such as Surgical Suture material, .... etc.


JNS Import & Export LLC is the only exclusive sole agent for:

  1. SMILK Manufacturers of Baby Milk Formula (Poland – Europe)
  2. Surgical Suture Material.


Since the formation of JNS, the company continually believes in giving excellent customer service and constant expansion of product line.


JNS- Import & Export has a big line of exporting to China, Australia, the Gulf and Middle East countries; in the recent years, with export and import, still as the leading part of business.